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Cosgrove Leisure parks UK, over many years have been operating businesses acquired ranging from family run, up to and including corporate holidays parks within the UK.

Cosgrove Leisure Parks Uk, are a family run business, dedicated to operate a full range of both Holiday and Residential parks. Upholding traditional family values, working with industry experts to deliver the highest quality of standards, improving the performance of all aspects of the day to day operation of the business. Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK have a proven track record over holiday and residential parks within the uk.

Cosgrove Leisure Parks Uk have grown over the years maintaining our values, respect and high standards of customer excellence during our growth. Customers appreciate and value our hands on approach, giving everyone a sense of pride whilst staying with us, on one of our parks. Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK are an ever expanding company prepared to improve all aspects of park life, ever changing and adapting to our customers’ requirements.

Cosgrove Leisure Parks Uk, have successfully purchased and operate the following holiday parks

Residential Parks

Follow the links on our website to find more information on our individual parks. Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK, operate with a fair, professional and grounded approach across all Holiday and Residential parks.

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